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Why is it better to have your hair colored at the salon than DIY?

Have you wondered what the differences are between professional color and box color besides the price?

We get it, life can easily get in the way with your busy schedule and you realize you haven’t taken any time for yourself. Not only have you not taken time for yourself, but you may feel like you can’t. Whether you are taking care of your children, your house, your husband, or your work, there’s many things that can get in the way of taking care of yourself. You’ll go weeks or even months and you realize you haven’t done anything to pamper yourself, and you may even feel guilty to do so. Well, we want to tell you that it is ok, you can take time out of your day to feel pampered and beautiful, and you deserve to!

You may feel like your youth is going away and you can’t have fun anymore because you’re too busy. You want to look young and you hate seeing those grey hairs starting to show. You don’t want to see them and you want to keep looking young, but you feel like you don’t have any time to do something about it. You may think to turn to box dye for a quick fix since you don’t have time to go to the salon but that can be a big mistake. Box dye is not only damaging to your hair and a ‘one size fits all’, but you still don’t get the pampering you deserve. 

From blasting open your cuticle to winding up as a burnt orange instead of a blonde, there are endless reasons why that box should stay on the shelves. Box color is formulated as a ‘one size fits all’ color. So, you have light brown fine hair and want to be a cool blonde? That cool blonde box has a formula and developer that is also strong enough to color hair that is coarse and thick. The color will process on both but the developer is way too strong for your fine hair type, opening the cuticle wider and creating more damage within the hair, also making it much more susceptible to outside stressors. It’s important to keep the cuticle of your hair closed to prevent breakage and so that your hair can maintain moisture. The tones aren’t customized either so you might end up with blue spots if your hair is porous or may just end up with gold because your hair was a really warm tone. Using a box is comparable to getting a ‘one size fits all’ haircut. No one's hair, face shape, or hairline is exactly alike, so no two people should be getting the exact same cut. That and more goes for color. We are specialists and want to accentuate your amazing features! Our amazing stylists take into account your skin tone, eye color, personal preferences, hair diameter, porosity levels, hair color history, current shade, and undertones to create the best look for you. We are here for you and we want to pamper you. We know that you are busy, but we want to help you relax, feel beautiful, and even better; this can even be for just an hour out of your day every month. Yes, in just one hour you can sit back, have a glass of wine, and let us pamper you so you can look and feel your best. 

If you color your hair, chances are you want it to look good.

So… what’s the difference between box color and professional color?

Professional color is PH balanced and designed to stop processing after a certain time so that it closes the cuticle and glosses and conditions the hair after the color is deposited. Box color is made to process your hair to get you to the color on the box. It’s composed of metallic dyes that stain the proteins in the hair strands. This means that it leaves metals and sulfides (silver salts, LEAD, bismuth) in the hair that continue to process and build on itself (continues to oxidize) which changes the PH and leaves your hair protein bonds weakened. This color building is also why the ends get darker every time that color is applied.

Did you know there is no such thing as organic hair color?

The FDA doesn't regulate or define terms like ‘organic’ in cosmetics so mass marketing companies can write whatever they want to on the packaging. Ever read about the PPDs in at-home hair color? It’s the same ingredient you can find in diesel, photocopying, printing, oil, gas, grease, rubber, and I could go on and on. 11.7% of people that have colored their hair themselves are allergic to PPDs and that number is growing every year, as many end up developing an allergy to it over time. And don't be fooled! Hennas and ‘natural’ dyes most often contain it, too.

In the end, sometimes it does come down to the bottom line.

Have you been looking to spice up your hair color but you aren’t sure if you have the time to maintain it? You can always consult with your stylist about different applications that are minimal upkeep. Here are some services that might be right for you:

  • Face-framing highlights and subtle ombres can be done to brighten up your luscious locks without leaving you with an obvious line of regrowth so you can go a long time between appointments and still look fresh. 

  • Using the toning shampoo that we suggest depending on your hair color will prevent you from having to come a month later to tone the brassiness out. 

  • If you part your hair in exactly the same place every day, you can cover just those new grey's along your part and hairline without having to color your entire head. Lola Hair Studio offers this service to clients who want minimal processing or for clients who want to lengthen the time between their allover color appointments. 

  • There’s always a demi that can change your tone for up to 6 weeks but also seals and conditions your hair so that you don’t have to come in every few weeks to cut your split ends off because of damage from your blow-dryer.

At-home care should be just that. CARE. Our stylists suggest the best shampoos and conditioners so that you can keep your hair in its best condition and even make it better. Whether you color or cut, the better condition your hair is in, the easier it is to give you exactly the look you want. Plus, who doesn’t love relaxing and taking time for you? That’s why we are here! Sit back and relax with a glass of wine, and we will take care of the rest. We customize your color, hair texture, and hair goals. You deserve to be taken care of so you can look and feel your best! 

If you have any questions about our color services please give us a call or you can find more information on our website. 

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