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What hair extensions method of extensions is the best?

Oh my gosh, this question seems impossible to answer! It’s like the feeling we get when we walk up to a dessert buffet - a little of everything, please!
In all seriousness, the reason we offer multiple methods of extensions is not that we can’t decide - but because your hair type, lifestyle, and preference deserves a method that works best for YOU.
The truth is, many stylists will tell you that one method is better than another and will give you all the pros for that method - without telling you the cons. What’s worse is that some will convince you to get one method of extensions because it’s the only one they know how to do - only to cause damage to your natural hair. After all, that method is too heavy or unsuitable for your hair type.

But if you want to know which method is the best for your hair type and lifestyle, we put together this great quiz to figure it out!

Talk to us if you want to know the real honest pros and cons of every method! Better yet, please schedule a consultation & we can honestly break down every single method for you & give you our honest opinion on which method would be best for you.

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