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The Heartbeat of Lola Hair Studio

Today, we want to share our heart with you, as we take you behind the scenes at Lola Hair Studio. You know, we're more than just a salon; we're a family, and it's our values that bind us together and make our journey special.
Company Culture

What is LOLA

Here at Lola, we're more than just a group of talented individuals – we're a team, a family. Our culture is what sets us apart. It's all about inclusivity, respect, and celebrating diversity. We believe that our collective strength is what makes us shine. Together, we make up the heart and soul of LOLA.

In our studio, you're not just a client; you're a friend and a part of our family. We are bound together by shared goals and a collective passion for creating beauty.

Empowering Team Meetings

Three times a week, our huddles unite us. These are our power-up sessions that align our actions with our aspirations, providing support and sharing inspiration.

In addition, every six weeks, our team gathers to exchange ideas, catch up, and strengthen our relationships. These meetings go beyond business; they foster connections, fuel creativity, and ensure we're all in sync.

With accountability as the compass for achieving our dreams, our empowering meetings focus on goal-setting and progress tracking, ensuring we all move forward inspired to reach new heights.

Yearly Retreats

Each year, our annual team retreat sets the tone for the year. It's a time for us to set intentions and strengthen our bonds. This retreat serves as a powerful catalyst for us, both personally and professionally. It's a time when we get to unwind, enjoy fun activities, and delve into planning our collective and individual successes for the upcoming year.

The retreats are also dedicated to strategic planning. We meticulously map out our goals and objectives for the year. We discuss what's working well, what we can improve, and what new initiatives we want to undertake. It's a collective brainstorming session that ensures our studio's growth and our individual professional development.

Continuous Growth

At Lola, growth is the mantra. We support each team member with personalized career maps, underpinned by a growth mindset that paves the way for each individual's flourishing.

To grow and succeed, it's essential to monitor your performance. So, we use a team scoreboard to track four main daily Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This transparent approach enables us to focus on areas that matter most. The scoreboard keeps us motivated, focused, and aligned with our goals, ensuring that we're always at our best.

We are constantly exploring ways to enhance our skills, expand our team, and offer new services. Our unquenchable thirst for improvement is what fuels our progress. We are always looking ahead and actively working to achieve our next milestone.

Your Well-Being, Your Choice

We believe that your well-being should be a priority. That's why we offer a wellness bonus. You can invest $200 per month in whatever contributes to your wellness. Whether it's a gym membership, yoga classes, or any wellness-related expense, this bonus is a testament to our commitment to your health and happiness.

We also understand the importance of a work-life balance. At Lola Hair Studio, we respect your need for downtime. We provide our team with a two-week paid vacation and one week of unpaid vacation. This generous leave policy is designed to help you recharge, reflect, and return to work with renewed vigor.

Looking for Someone New to

Join the Team!

As we grow, we're excited to welcome new talent to our Lola family. If you're ready to become part of a dynamic team where your growth, well-being, and dreams are our top priority, then we're excited to meet you. Together, we'll continue to create the beauty and inspiration that have become synonymous with Lola Hair Studio
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