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The Golden Rule

At Lola, it’s extremely important for us to give back to our community. Our staff and guests have been an important part of our success.  We are so grateful to be a part of our amazing community and want to show our support and gratitude any way we can. Did you know?  We donate a percentage of our total revenue sales to different charities each quarter.

Prior to 2020, we participated yearly in fundraising efforts for HairRaising, Hair To Stay, Making Strides for Breast Cancer to name a few. As 2020 and 2021 were a struggle, our efforts were not met with as much fever. Since, as a team, we share a love for generosity, we decided to make fundraising a more substantial part of what we stand for. That means, for every $1 you spend at Lola, a percentage goes to the charity chosen by the team. We feel very fortunate in our work and home lives and we want to give back. Donating to charity allows us to show our gratitude and give thanks to all of our amazing community and clients at Lola. It also allows us to do our favorite thing, help to bring happiness to others.

Here is some information about the charities we have donated to recently:

Last month, we held an amazing HairRaising event for Boston Children’s Hospital, and it was so much fun! It was a Sunday afternoon filled with haircuts, smiles, lots of pink, and many laughs. It was a fabulous and heartfelt day, and we are so grateful for all of our amazing clients and staff that made it all possible. Our team donated their time and we got some great support from industry and local business’ such as Redken, Oribe, Orange Theory, Flour Bakery (Cambridge), Belmont Car Wash, Fiorellas Express , Stone Hearth Pizza and Chocolate Dream (Belmont). We are so proud to be able to participate in such an amazing event and raise almost $2,000 for Boston Children’s Hospita!

Each year, Boston Children’s Hospital hosts HairRaising, which is a one day cut-a-thon event. This event raises money and awareness for Boston Children’s Hospital and its new state-of-the-art Heart Center. Since HairRaising started about 12 years ago, salons have been able to donate over $1M to Boston Children’s Hospital and we are so grateful to be a part of it! 

Our Q1 donation was to the HairToStay Foundation. HairToStay Foundation is the only nonprofit that helps cancer patients afford scalp cooling. Scalp cooling is a treatment that dramatically reduces hair loss due to chemotherapy. Unfortunately, most insurances do not cover scalp cooling so many patients cannot afford this treatment. That is why the HairToStay Foundation was born! HairToStay was founded in 2016 by two ladies who wanted to subsidize the scalp cooling treatment for patients who had financial needs. In the past few years, awareness and demand has increased tremendously. HairToStay has since raised over $1M and has helped over 600 patients nationally. We are so grateful to be able to donate to this amazing organization and help patients keep and regrow their hair during chemotherapy!

Q4 2021, we donated to the Young Survivor Coalition (YSC) foundation. Young Survivor Coalition was formed in 1998 when a group of young women, who had all been diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 40, gathered to discuss breast cancer in young adults. Young adults are often missing from research and conversations about breast cancer, and Young Survivor Coalition’s goal is to create a community for young adults with breast cancer and their caregivers. Breast cancer is often different in young adults and YSC’s goal is to bring awareness and support to these young adults going through this difficult time. YSC now has over 170 face-to-face local network groups that support young adults with breast cancer. We are so grateful to be able to support such an amazing foundation that brings awareness and helps young adults with breast cancer. It has always been important for Lola to support breast cancer and other cancer organizations since it has hit close to home. For example, did you know Anna has been making The Strides Walk since 2003, an organization that is very close to her an her family.

”I want to spread some sort of light to everyone I meet, but I’m a little shy. I decided that I have to start somewhere so I went right to Lola and shared all this with my team. My team gives me this amazing energy that I can do anything. I thought if I tell them this - then it will become real and I can start to take my tiny light and grow it and maybe they will shine their lights brighter. Maybe I can help someone in my life’s path”.
We are so grateful to be able to give back to charities and support our community, and we would not be able to give back without all of you! If you have any charity recommendations, be sure to mention it to your stylist next time you are in the salon. We will keep you posted in our newsletter of our fundraising efforts. Now that the world is open, we hope to have some in-salon events that you can participate in with us. Looking forward to writing our next check!
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