Raising a Toast to 2023 at Lola Hair Studio!

This year has been full of beautiful surprises and new adventures at Lola Hair Studio. What a ride it's been! It's like we blinked, and here we are, reminiscing about all the incredible moments we've shared. From personal wins to unforgettable experiences, each of us has had our own little sparkle to add to this year's glow. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and celebrate these special moments that made 2023 our year to shine.


This year was a kaleidoscope of celebrations - from welcoming my new nephew Conor to commemorating Salon 200 and our new location. We threw a grand 50th birthday bash for my husband, and I conquered my fear of public speaking. The salon's leadership soared to new heights, and we relished three beautiful vacations, savoring beach time and precious moments with friends and family.


As the Director of Education, I embraced my leadership role, enhancing my skills at the Redken Exchange in NYC and a leadership retreat in Clearwater Beach, Florida. Balancing hard work with fun, I cheered on my kids in sports, enjoyed family and friends, experienced Pink live at Fenway, and stayed active with boot camp gym sessions.


Happiness this year came from witnessing loved ones tie the knot, moving back to Acton to be closer to family, and becoming a part of the education team – each a milestone close to my heart.


This year marked my 4th anniversary with Lola Hair Studio and 6th in the US. From exploring Chicago to celebrating my dad's 70th birthday in Florida, the year was rich with family moments. The highlight? Attending a Karol G concert, instilling immense Colombian pride. I also embraced spreading positivity as one of my core values.


2023 was a year of dreams fulfilled: a trip to San Diego, purchasing my dream car, a Volkswagen Atlas, and welcoming my corgi, Charlie. I was part of the salon's move, celebrated my best friend's wedding, and witnessed my niece Lucy's birth. Our family also moved into a new townhouse, adding to the year's joy.


Embracing Bostonian life, I've cherished the changing seasons and the joy of snow, which doesn’t fall nearly often enough as far as I’m concerned (unpopular opinion, I know)! Celebrating my first year with Lola, I've experienced phenomenal growth and built a diverse, kind clientele. Working alongside talented stylists and an incredible mentor has made Lola Hair Studio a true home.


Joining Lola Hair Studio and starting cosmetology school marked a pivotal shift in my career. The camaraderie and friendships at Lola transformed our studio into a haven of support and growth, making 2023 a year of gratitude and connection.


This year was a story of exponential growth and success at Lola. My clientele tripled, reflecting my personal and professional development. I'm eager to see what 2024 holds and am grateful for the opportunities Lola has provided.


In September, I turned my passion of journaling into a small business, by launching Stack Paper Books, a notebook company. I also took my first, solo, out of country trip to the Dominican Republic to celebrate a childhood friend's wedding right before receiving an amazing opportunity and becoming the Operations Manager "Boston's Best" high-end Salons, Lola Hair Studio. I am so excited to see what more 2024 can bring as I continue to bet on myself!

To our incredible team, your dedication, creativity, and passion are the heartbeat of Lola Hair Studio. Each of you has contributed something irreplaceable, making this year not just a journey of professional success but also one of personal growth and camaraderie.

As we look forward to the new year, we carry with us the lessons, joys, and memories of 2023. We step into 2024 with anticipation for the new challenges, achievements, and moments of beauty that await us. Here's to embracing the future with the same elegance, strength, and grace that defined our unforgettable year.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to the end of an incredible chapter and the beginning of another. May the new year bring you all happiness, health, and continued success.

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