Dr. May Pian-Smith Shares Health Tips with Anna Walsh in Exclusive Interview!

Lola Hair Studio’s Community Hero

At Lola Hair Studio, we have recently started a new program called Community Hero. We recognize that we are surrounded by many amazing people who inspire us to do our best work. Our intention with the Community Hero program is to honor greatness among us and support our community heroes who are able to go out there and make a significant impact. The team at Lola realizes that we are among greatness every day with our guests, and we want to start appreciating those in our community. We want to share the stories of our amazing clients with the community while they get a day to sit back, relax, and be pampered!

We are honored to announce that our first community hero is May Pian-Smith. May is an Anesthesiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and has been a dedicated client of Lola for over 10 years. May has gone above and beyond for her patients and her community.

May's clinical specialty is obstetric anesthesia, and her work has mainly focused on improving women's healthcare. She has pursued fellowship training in Medical Education and Patient Safety, and those areas continue to be the focus of her research efforts and committee work. She leads the Division of Quality & Safety in the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine. Their mission is to learn from successes and failures, continuously improve the quality of care provided, commit to a culture of safety that protects patients and colleagues, and inspire and develop the next generation of quality & safety leaders. Something that both May and we at Lola believe strongly about is teamwork, working together, and trusting each other so we can do our best work.

May is honored to be able to be a part of many non-profit organizations. These organizations are all about building a better future. She works for a non-profit that studies anesthesia practices and how best to take care of patients in the country and globally. Another non-profit she works for gives grant funds to junior investigators to create medical advances.

During May’s visit to Lola Hair Studio, we were able to pamper her with a new haircut and makeup. Her hairstyle is usually a mix of classic and edgy. We loved pampering her, letting her sit back with a glass of prosecco while we made her feel and look empowered and beautiful.

She is a role model for many in the medical community, and her work has been instrumental in advancing the field of anesthesiology. May is a compassionate and dedicated physician and educator. She is committed to teaching excellence, patient safety, and quality improvement. She is a mentor to many and inspires all who know her. We are grateful for her presence in our community and her hard work.

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