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As you may know, we have so many amazing products in the salon, but have you wondered what our favorites are? We’re all going to share our favorite products that we use every day and why we love them! We are an Oribe obsessed salon, but we also have many other brands like EVO, Redkin, and Goldwell. We have so many luxurious products that we would love to share with you. Next time you’re in the salon, ask your stylist which products would be right for you!

1. Cleanse

First, we are going to start with our favorite shampoos. Adriana and Andreana use the Oribe Signature Shampoo. This is a rich, daily cleanser blended from exclusive ingredients that help detangle, silken, and protect your luscious locks. Karlee, Jannelle, and Lindsey use the Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo to extend the brightness of their dyed hair and to moisture and protect the damaged parts of their hair. Lindsey and Anisa use the Oribe Magnificent Volume Shampoo to leave their hair full, lush, and strong. Julia and Kerri use the Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo to help strengthen their hair. This shampoo is a protective and nourishing shampoo to help restore the hair. Anna uses the Goldwell Kerasilk Control Shampoo to cleanse her hair while also taming and smoothing her hair. One of our favorites is the Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo. This line has healing oils and extracts that balance and strengthen each strand so your hair can look and feel fabulous.

2. Condition

The second step is the conditioner. Adriana, Karlee, and Jannelle use the Oribe Beautiful Color Glaze for a conditioner since it brightens color, increases shine, and silkens strands, so they feel luxurious and strong. Julia and Kerri use the Oribe Hair Alchemy Resilience Conditioner to prevent breakage and help to create ultra-resilient hair. Carolina uses the Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Conditioner to strengthen and restore her hair without weighing it down. Andreana and Lindsey use the Oribe Signature Conditioner, which is a luxurious conditioner that detangles and moisturizes the hair. Adriana also uses the Oribe Signature Moisture Masque as a conditioner to hydrate her hair. If you are looking for extra hydration, this masque would be a perfect option for you. Anisa and Anna also love the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque to nourish, restore, and strengthen their hair.

3. Prep & Styling

For prep and styling, we have many different options that work well for all different types of hair. Adriana and Carolina use Olaplex Number 6 to help tame frizz. One of our favorite products is the Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream, a leave-in conditioner that controls frizz, increases shine, and helps restore hair. This leave-in conditioner is especially good for medium to thick hair. Lindsey uses the Oribe Tres Set Structure Spray to protect her hair from heat and provide structure to her hair. Karlee uses the Oribe Creme for Style to help hold her hair, tame frizz, and moisturize her hair. Anisa uses the Oribe Gel Serum Radiance to create a gorgeous hold with shine instead of stiffness. When Adriana wants her hair smooth and straight, she uses the Oribe Straight Away Smoothing Blowout Cream, which protects against heat and humidity, and allows the hair to become straight and sleek. Jannelle loves the Oribe Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme for her luscious curls. This styling butter has shea butter and avocado oil to reduce frizz and enhance your gorgeous curls! For her curls, Carolina uses the EVO Whip It Good Moisture Mousse because she loves how it moistures and enhances curls while being a lightweight mousse. Anna loves the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil to strengthen, restore, and condition her hair. Julia uses the Oribe Bright Blonde Essential Priming Serum to brighten and tone her hair and protect it from heat. For frizzy hair,

Anna recommends the Goldwell Kerasilk Smoothing Fluid to smooth and strengthen your hair and also protect it from heat. Kerri uses the Oribe Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum to strengthen her hair and for heat protection. For a weightless style, Kerri uses the Oribe Featherbalm Weightless Styler, which adds shine to her hair and control.

4. Finish

After prepping and styling our hair, we like to finish it off with a few products to protect our hair and help it look gorgeous all day! Adriana likes using EVO Happy Campers Wearable Treatment to moisturize, strengthen, and protect her hair all day long. We all love the Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray to use in our hair after it’s styled. This product is key if you’re looking for beautiful, full, and luscious hair! Karlee and Lindsey like to use the Oribe Split End Seal on the ends of their hair to mend split ends and make their hair feel silky and smooth. Anna likes to like to use She-bang-a-bang to give me a lived-in, sexier look.

We love and use many products from Oribe and other luxurious brands, and we would love to hear which products are your favorites! If you have questions about which products are best for you, please ask us next time you’re in the salon. We love giving our recommendations and sharing amazing products with our fabulous clients!

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