Embrace Your Curls! A Master Class With Jannelle, The Curl Whisper

Embrace Your Curls! – A Master Class With Jannelle: The Curl Whisper

Your natural curls are in! Need some tips for how to bring out your fabulous, natural curls and let them shine? Janelle is our curly hair guru. Her personal style is classic with a twist. She especially enjoys cutting curly hair, she never feels more alive and will make any curls get the perfect shape. She has a great eye for short hair and loves transformations that will make people look unique and special. If you know her you know she's not into boring! She has the best tips for how to bring your curls to life!
Oribe Moisture & Control Shampoo
To have juicy curls it all starts with cleansing your hair to make sure it is hydrated and controlled. We have some options we would recommend for you to have defined and moisturized hair. At Lola, we are all things Oribe because they define luxury and their products provide the highest level of performance. You can use the Oribe Moisture and Control or the Oribe Brilliance and Shine shampoo and conditioner to create a beautiful look. But, we would recommend using the Oribe Brilliance and Shine shampoo and conditioner, and then occasionally rotating in the Oribe Moisture and Control line. However, for summertime, don’t be afraid to use the Moisture and Control more often. Since it is great for resisting humidity, it is a perfect option during this humid, summer weather! And of course… for those with curly but color treated hair… The Oribe Beautiful Color is a great option to keep those curls healthy and your color vibrant.
Here’s a trick! Use a wide comb to detangle your hair when you condition to spread the product evenly to make sure all your hair it’s pampered and hydrated.

Done? Hope you enjoyed your long shower. Once you shampoo and condition, you are ready for styling! But before drying your hair, throw away your cotton towel and get an old t-shirt (no shame if you take the one that your husband/boyfriend wears that you hate) to dry some of the extra water. Now let's get to business, styling… It's best to make sure your hair is still wet. But, if not, you can always use a spray bottle to re-wet your hair. Oh! Here’s another trick! Put some of the Oribe conditioner in the bottle and mix it with water, that would give extra moisture to your hair. It's super important to make sure your hair is properly saturated to bring out those fabulous curls!
Oribe Run-Through
When your hair is saturated, you can go in with the Oribe Run Through, which is a detangling hair primer which moisturizes and protects your hair. You can spray this into your hair but again, make sure your hair is wet before using this product. This product does not weigh your hair down and you’ll still get the amazing definition and moisture.

After applying the Oribe Run Through it’s time to give those curls some definition! If you’re looking to add moisture and prevent frizz; Creme for Style is a good option. You can use a quarter size amount of this creme and run it through your hair for a firm, but flexible hold. Now, you can use your hands to press the moisture into your hair.
If your hair is very thirsty, there is also the Oribe Styling Butter that nourishes your hair and defines your curls. This has both shea butter and avocado oil which hydrates and protects your hair. Don’t be afraid to layer your products.

The Oribe Curl Gloss Hydration and Hold and the Oribe Gel Serum are great options for defining those curls without the crunch. It’s great for hydrating your hair, and makes your curls delicious. It gives your hair a flexible hold, without the stiffness. This is great for those who want their curls to be defined but not too crunchy.

Now, once your products are in, start sectioning off your hair and crimping and twisting those curls. Go with your curls! It’s almost like a ribbon way of curling, let the curl talk to you. Comb and twirl your hair. You can do this in large or small sections, whichever you prefer. And of course, scrunch and encourage those curls once they are sectioned and twirled. If you’re doing this by yourself, don’t be afraid to tip your head over and scrunch those curls.
Oribe Styling Butter
Good job! Now, let's keep going. Once your curls are dry, you can use the Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray to keep them in place and define them a little more. Spray it in your hair, flip your head over, and massage your scalp gently to loosen your curls. If you’re looking for a more natural look, unravel those beautiful curls. Curls aren’t perfect, they’re wild, embrace it! But don’t be afraid to smooth any pieces that are hanging out.
It’s super important to maintain and protect your curls! Try to keep your wash days to once a week and if not, every other day. Remember you can rotate between , Oribe Brilliance and Shine and then rotate in the Oribe Moisture and Control shampoo and conditioner. But we also love the Oribe Cleansing Creme for Moisture and Control for purifying your hair while energizing and restoring moisture. This is a non-foaming cleanser and it works great to keep your curls alive.

Don’t be afraid to test some of these techniques and products to see what works best for you, and don’t hesitate to ask one of our amazing stylists for some tips and tricks to help redefine your curls.
Oribe Cleansing Creme
Here are some key takeaways to really help your curls shine!
  1. Don’t overwash your hair!

  2. Get a haircut regularly and keep your ends moisturized.

  3. A great shampoo and conditioner is KEY!

  4. Dry your hair with an old cotton t-shirt

  5. Don’t touch your curls once your products are applied.

  6. Use a satin pillowcase to protect your curls.

Own your curls. No curls are perfect, but fun and flirty curls are in, embrace them!
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