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At Lola Hair Studio, we believe beauty extends far beyond a stunning hairstyle. It's about compassion, community, and lending a helping hand to those in need. That's why, for the eighth year running, we're proud to partner with HairToStay Foundation, the incredible organization dedicated to making scalp cooling therapy accessible for cancer patients facing hair loss during chemotherapy.

HairToStay's mission resonates deeply with us, which is why we continue to donate 1% of our gross profits to them. We've witnessed firsthand the impact of hair loss on a patient's confidence and self-esteem during this already challenging time. Scalp cooling offers a beacon of hope, a chance to retain or regrow their hair – and with it, a powerful sense of normalcy and control.

Unfortunately, scalp cooling therapy isn't readily accessible for everyone. Many insurance plans still don't cover it, leaving patients facing a hefty financial burden on top of their battle with cancer. That's where HairToStay steps in, bridging the gap between need and access.

Through HairToStay, we proudly provide financial assistance to patients seeking scalp cooling. It's a privilege to play a role in empowering them to choose this effective treatment, preserving their precious hair and boosting their spirit throughout their journey.

By chilling the scalp during treatment, scalp cooling significantly reduces blood flow to hair follicles, minimizing exposure to chemo medications and preserving precious strands. Two cooling methods exist: manual and automated. Manual caps require frequent changes and constant refrigeration (dry ice or dedicated freezers), while automated systems provide continuous cooling through self-contained units. Regardless of the method, the impact is immense: the chance to retain or regrow hair, a symbol of strength and identity, and a powerful boost to morale during a crucial time.
But our commitment to HairToStay doesn't stop with donations. We actively raise awareness about this life-changing program within our salon and our community. We believe that with education and collaboration, we can ensure more patients have access to this invaluable option.
Here's how you can join us in supporting HairToStay:
  • Spread the word: Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about HairToStay's mission and the importance of scalp cooling.

  • Host a fundraiser: Organize a bake sale, a charity event, or any creative initiative to raise funds for HairToStay.

  • Volunteer your time: Share your skills and talents by volunteering at one of HairToStay's events or initiatives.

Every contribution, every conversation, every action has the power to empower another cancer warrior. Together, we can ensure that financial obstacles never stand in the way of preserving confidence and hope through scalp cooling.

Visit the HairToStay website to learn more and discover ways to get involved. Let's join hands, champion confidence, and show cancer patients that with HairToStay, they're not alone.

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