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Are Hair Extensions Right For Me?

The world of extensions can be daunting. There are a lot of different types of hair extensions and methods, and it can be overwhelming to find out if hair extensions are right for you. 

Many of us at one point or another have wanted longer, thicker hair and have never been able to grow it out to the length we desire. Whether it be breakage, aging or simply genetics, the hair we have always wanted can seem out of reach. . Well now you don’t have to wait! Hair extensions can be a great fit for people with thin or thick hair. Many people assume hair extensions are only for those who have short or thin hair, but no matter what type of hair you have, extensions can be a great option for you!

With hair extensions, you have the opportunity to do whatever hairstyle you want as well as have the freedom to mix up your style. During your consultation with us, you will be able to discuss all of your wants and needs with your stylist so you are able to achieve whatever hairstyle you desire!

Contrary to popular belief, caring for your hair extensions is easy to fit into your already-busy schedule. Your hair extensions only need in-salon maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Caring for them at home is a breeze, and many extension-wearers say they spend less time styling their hair since they wake up with beautiful, full hair every morning that holds a gorgeous style effortlessly.

To make caring for your extensions even easier, we offer extension memberships that save you time and money.. We want to make having extensions become a part of your life as easy as possible for you! Your stylist will discuss the process and upkeep of your hair extensions will be gone over at your consultation so you are fully prepared for this process.

Did you know that hair extensions can help your hair grow? Extensions that are maintained properly can actually protect your natural hair while making it look fuller and longer.

Now there’s no need to wait months or even years to get the long, luscious hair you have been wanting. Lola is so excited to be offering fabulous hair extensions and we can’t wait to help you have the hair of your dreams.

If you want to learn more before starting this process,  we would love to see you for a consultation so your stylist can answer any questions you may have about hair extensions. Check out our stylists amazing extension transformations on  Instagram or Facebook.

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