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Elite Designer

Meet Julia-Rose, the heart and soul of laughter and love at our salon. She's the go-to stylist for anyone looking to embrace a significant change and step out in glamorous style. Julia-Rose shines in creating stunning double processes and flowing long layers. Watch in awe as she wields clippers with Lola finesse, delivering barber-quality finishes infused with our signature style. Her hand movements? Nothing short of elegant.

Julia-Rose excels in crafting tailored looks that not only enhance your hair's volume but also boost your confidence with natural hair enhancements and extensions. Renowned for her pixie cut transformations, she has a knack for turning a simple cut into a bold statement.

As a working mom with a wealth of stories, Julia-Rose ensures your time in her chair is filled with engaging conversations and hearty laughs. There's never a dull moment, from the snip of the scissors to the final reveal.

A fitness enthusiast at heart, her love for the gym has sculpted more than just her physique; it's shaped a resilient and positive mindset that she brings to every interaction.

And here's a fun fact: Need advice on packing? Julia-Rose has moved over 30 times, making her the ultimate authority on making big changes, both in life and in hair.
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