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Cambridge MA Hair Extensions

Dive into our world of luxurious extensions: K-tips for seamless blending, Wefts for a natural boost, and Tape-ins for quick glamour. Each type offers unique benefits, ensuring you find your perfect hair match.
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Weft Hair


The weft method uses a thick track of extensions that is then sewn into beads carefully installed in a row of natural hair and is similar to a look you would get from wearing clip-ins.

Wefts are the most popular method of extensions at Lola Hair Studio and our guests love it because of it’s veil-like coverage and ability to be worn up or down with minimal visibility.

Beaded Weft

Enhance your look with our beaded traditional hair weft extensions – ideal for fine to medium hair, adding length and volume effortlessly.
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Discover subtle elegance with our beaded single hair extensions weft, perfect for fine to medium hair seeking minimal volume enhancement.


Transform your style with our beaded double hair extensions weft, tailored for medium to thick hair needing extra length, volume, and coverage.
24” Installation
22” Installation
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Fusion Hair


Fusion extensions employ a unique technique where a specialized tool softly melts and bonds keratin-tipped strands to your natural hair in fine sections. This method ensures the keratin seamlessly integrates with your hair, offering an almost invisible blend.

Note that fusion extensions are not reusable. They require a complete removal and fresh application of new hair every 3-4 months.


Seamlessly blend, offering durability and a natural look. Perfect for a long-lasting, voluminous makeover.
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Tape-In Hair


Tape-in extensions feature a gentle, yet strong medical-grade adhesive, ensuring a secure attachment to your natural hair.

Designed to be flat and discreet, these extensions offer excellent coverage. They’re the fastest way to achieve a dramatic transformation, especially for finer, thinner hair, delivering maximum impact in minimal time.


Adding volume and length with a hint of playfulness. Perfect for a fabulous yet fuss-free update.

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Kristoff isn’t only talented but so personable. It was an absolute pleasure. Love his work!!! And my extensions are incredible. I feel so confidant. Couldn’t have been more satisfied. He knows what he’s talking about regarding extensions and is so passionate in what he does ! I hesitated for years on extensions and now I’m just mad I waited so long.
- Danielle C.
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